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Energy, expertise, experience and empathy

Aba Prime Capital is founded on the principles of innovation and sustainability. Our approach is to look from the outside in, and then step in to provide our clients and partners firstly with our perspective of the whole, and then engage with a willingness and aptitude to understand the objectives of a solution, within a shared vision. We design and develop custom business and capitalization strategies, structures and models with a focus on EU development, with the benefit of global experience.

Our strategies are developed from first principles, and innovating through challenges to optimize value chains, long term sustainability and a responsibility to social, economic and environmental impact.

Our core team comprises experienced individuals who are thought leaders with business experience across sectors, with a focus on capital strategies, capital raising and international commodity trade. We are supported by a network of multidisciplinary experts from a range of sectors including finance, public sector management, property development, urban design, logistics management and project management, amongst others.

We are engaged in projects, finance transactions and commodity trade transactions that range in value between 100.000 EUR to over 20.000.000 EUR.

Our consultancy typically operates on a referral only basis, undertaking work for clients referred by associate companies or past and current clients, however, we are open to requests for selected consultancy appointments.


ABA Prime Capital has acquired successful business relationships with private and institutional investors and funds over the years.